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Membership dues are $1,000 per year, per public company, and $500 per year, per private or not-for-profit organization.  Membership entitles all members of the board of directors and management to participate in AACMI teleconferences and to receive AACMI e-mails.

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For more information, contact:
Yelena M. Barychev, Esq.
215-569-5737 (voice)
215-832-5737 (fax)


Dale Medford, Former Audit Committee Chairman, Robbins and Myers:
"I found AACMI to be a valuable resource for audit committees. Thanks to Fred Lipman and the Blank Rome firm for supporting AACMI." 
Richard Kudzmas, CBIZ: 
"I enjoyed attending the annual meeting...and definitely found it worthwhile...The information presented was current, relevant and useful...As a CPA in the practice of auditing public companies and dealing with their audit committees, I plan to bring AACMI to their attention with the recommendation that they consider joining the organization." 
Stephanie Bergeron, Audit Committee Chairman, Reynolds and Reynolds: 
"I have been impressed with the product you produce."
Thermadyne Holdings:
"Thermadyne Holdings Corporation is a member of your Association. We find your e-mail distributions very helpful. The most recent on the SEC Accounting and disclosure was very insightful." 
James Tholey, Accume Partners LLC:
"Thanks as usual for the timely technical insights."
Donnie Pickett, South Carolina Bank & Trust:
"The call and webinar were great."